Tour Data 2018




Feb 14th                          Patronaat (Haarlem NL, with 'The Love Me Or Die')


Feb 23rd                          Bel Air (Breda NL, with 'The Love Me Or Die')  


April 14th                        De Kroeg (Antwerpen BE)


April 21st                         Het Hijgend Hert (Breda NL)


April 22nd                       De Apotheek (Oosterhout-nb NL) *Not with band


April 28th                        Paradox (Tilburg NL)


May 6th                           Onstage, BredaNu (TV session Breda NL)


May 26th                         Steck (Delft NL)


May 30th         8PM       Hall of Fame (Tilburg  NL)


June 2nd                         Gelredome (Heroesdome, Arnhem NL) *Cancelled


June 3rd                          Gelredome (Heroesdome, Arnhem NL) *Cancelled


June 9th                          De Gouden Leeuw (Dongen NL)


June 23rd                       Mezz (Kick-Off Breda Barst, Breda NL)


July 1th                            Parkzicht Breda (Breda NL)


Sept 16th      2.25PM     Breda Barst  Festival (Amstel stage, Breda NL)


Sept 29th      2.25PM     200 by the Sea  Festival (Stage See Lab, Scheveningen NL)


Oct 13th                           Fandom Weekend (Evoluon, Eindhoven NL) *Cancelled


Oct 14th                           Fandom Weekend (Evoluon, Eindhoven NL) *Cancelled


Nov 17th        1.30PM     Roots Mail Music instore (Breda NL)


Dec 8th          9.30PM     TLH Presents (@ De Gouden Engel, Huissen NL)



Tour  Data 2017



Jan 20th           3 PM    Noardewyn Live, Radio/TV Omroep Friesland; live between 3/4 PM (livestreaming and on cable)


Jan 20th           9 PM    het Bolwerk (Sneek NL) *supporting Jack Bottleneck  


Jan 28th           2 PM    Bluesroute Assen; Café de Witte Bal (Assen NL)


April 26th        10:30 PM    Koningsnacht at Brody's  American Tab House (Den Haag NL)


May 28th         3:30 PM     De Klappeij (Oosterhout NL)


June 25th        3:30 PM    De Klappeij (Oosterhout NL)


July 8th           9:30 PM   Brody's American Tab House (Den Haag NL)


Aug 25th               9 PM   Culemborg Blues ('t Kasteeltje, Culemborg NL)


Sept 1st           4:30 PM  Brody's American Tab House (Den Haag NL)


Sept 3rd                4 PM   De Apotheek (Oosterhout-nb NL)          


Sept 8th          9:30 PM   Brody's American Tab House (Den Haag NL)


Sept 9th          9:15 PM  Bluesfestival Oosterhout (Café Oud Brabant, Oosterhout NL)


Sept 23rd        7:30 PM  Alkmaar Blues Express (Pop Eye Velvet Music, Alkmaar NL)


Oct 8th               4 PM    De Apotheek (Oosterhout-nb NL)


Oct 13th          9:30 PM   Brody's American Tab House (Den Haag NL)


Nov 10th         9:30 PM   Brody's American Tab House (Den Haag NL)


Dec 15th         9:30 PM   Brody's American Tab House (Den Haag NL)



Tour Data 2016


Jan 22th                        De Peppel (Zeist NL) 'COUNTRY REBELS ON THE ROLL TOUR' + Tio Gringo & Reverse Cowgirls


Jan 29th              Nobel (Leiden NL) 'COUNTRY REBELS ON THE ROLL TOUR' + Tio Gringo & Reverse Cowgirls


Feb 27th           9 PM    Café Schiller, supporting Les Djinns (Aalten NL)


Jun 4th       8:30PM     De nieuwe Anita (Lauw als een Pauw presenteert; the blues folk-rock edition) (Amsterdam NL)


Sept 3rd      9:30PM     Café Oud Brabant (with band *FREE  ENTRANCE!) (Oosterhout-nb NL)


Sept 24th          6PM    Steak (Alkmaar Blues Express) (Alkmaar NL)



Tour Data 2015


March 6th     10PM     Goud van Oud (Coevorden NL)


March 7th        9PM     Doornroosje (Merleyn) *Supporting T99 (Nijmegen NL)


Apr 4th       8:15PM     Dishking theatershow 'At Close Range' in de Schelleboom (Oosterhout-nb NL)


Apr 18th   9:45 PM      De grote kerk (Epe NL)


April 24th      11PM      NPO Radio 2  interview Dishking with Simone Walraven (Simone's Songlines) listen live, click here


Aug 22th         6PM      Radio 794  Live/interview at PLanet Rock with DJ Host Bert van Duijn (between 6/8) listen here


Sept 10th  9:30 PM      Blues & roots festival, Café de Pub (Oosterhout -nb NL),  Dishking (Jason de Laat) & friends 


Sept 20th        3PM     'At Close Range' theatershow in Theater Donckhuys (Dongen NL)


Sept 27th   4:30PM      Alkmaar Blues Express Festival, café het Hartje (Alkmaar NL)


Okt 4th           8PM       Supporting act for 'The Handsome Family' , EKKO (Utrecht NL)



Tour Data 2014


Jan 17th          8PM   Radio SLOG fm - Blues4You (Geertruidenberg NL) 


Jan 31st           1AM   3FM Serious Radio - Freaknacht (Hilversum NL) 


April 13th        8PM   ORTS Radio - Bluescruise (Oosterhout-nb NL)


April 19th      10PM  Café Oud Brabant (Oosterhout-nb NL)


May 24th        8PM   Paradox (Tilburg NL)


May 25th        5PM   Bourbon Street (Breda NL)


June 1st          5PM   De Rode Pimpernel ('s-Hertogenbosch NL)


Aug 29th      10PM   Bar Salerno (Oosterhout-nb NL)


Sept 14th       4PM   Blues & Roots festival, Café de Pub (Oosterhout-nb NL) 


Sept 26th  8.30PM  Alkmaar Blues Express, Café het Hartje (Alkmaar NL)


Nov 1st            8PM   Café Bel Air, Dishking & Friends (Breda NL)


Dec 20th  22:15PM   Café Oud Brabant, benefit Rode kruis "Hands off our girls", serious request 3FM (Oosterhout-nb NL)



Tour Data 2013


March 16th    9PM   Cafe La Luna (Vlaardingen NL)


May   5th   6.45PM  Cafe de Roode Leeuw - The Cock de Jong Foundation(Zuid-Scharwoude NL)


Sept 6th          8PM   Ijsselfestein at Molenplantsoen (Ijsselstein NL)


Nov 1st            8PM   Radio SLOG fm - Blues4You (Geertruidenberg NL)



Tour Data 2012


Oct 20th        8PM   Paradox (Tilburg NL)



Tour Data 2011


Jan 14th   10PM   The Rambler (Eindhoven NL)


Jan 22th   10PM   Caf Oud Brabant (Oosterhout-nb NL)


Jan 26th   7 PM   Starsound Radio (Utrecht NL)


Feb 18th   8 PM   Kdanz (Schagen NL) *CANCELLED


Feb 20th   8 PM   De Gouden Leeuw (Dongen NL) supporting Big Pete Pearson & The Gamblers


Apr 30th   2 pm   Koninginnedag Asch van Wijckplein (Utrecht NL)


June 10th  8 PM   Compleet FM "The Basement" (Noord-Scharwoude NL) DJ Rene Bremmers


June 24th  8 PM   Meer (BE)


June 25th  7 PM   Parkblues festival 2011 (Lommel BE)


July 1th   10PM   Live at Bvong (Hooglanderveen NL)


Oct 1th    9 PM   Alkmaar Blues Express festival (Alkmaar NL)


Dec 4th    3 PM   De Waag (Doesburg NL)



Tour Data 2010


Jan 14th  8 PM   Bare Bones (Alkmaar NL)


Feb  5th   9 PM   Herberg Ommen (Ommen NL)


Feb 27th   9 PM   Piek (Vlissingen NL)


Mar  3rd   2 AM   3FM serious radio (Hilversum NL) DJ RH & Rhee 


Mar  4th   3 PM   Omroep Brabant (Eindhoven NL) live radio


Mar 19th   9 PM   013 (Tilburg NL) CD RELEASE SHOW


Apr  1st   1 AM   3FM serious radio (Hilversum NL) DJ Bert van Lent


Apr 18th   4 PM   Opening Bluessession at StadsCafé (Oosterhout,nb NL)


May  9th   2 PM   Burial ground: Maassluis (Maassluis NL)


May 13th   9 PM   Muziekboulevard Festival (Oss NL)


Jun  5th   4 PM   DongenDraaitDoor festival (Dongen NL)


Jun  5th   9 PM   La Truite d'Argent (Houffalize BE)


Jun 19th   5 PM   Loggerfestival (Vlaardingen NL)


Jun 30th   8 PM   Radio Dijkland FM (Zaltbommel NL) DJ John Beerendonk


Jul 10th   8 PM   008 Arts & Music festival (Arnhem NL)


Jul 24th   11PM   Rock Pub Time Out (Roosendaal NL)


Jul 28th   8 PM   Totaal Festival (Bladel NL)


Sept 3th   8 PM   Bluesclub Vlaardingen (Vlaardingen NL)


Sept 5th   1 PM   Acoustic Bluesroute Vlaardingen (Vlaardingen NL)


Sept 10th  7 PM   Monumental Manifestation / Ijsselfestein (Ijsselstein NL)


Sept 12th  1 PM   Bluesfestival Oosterhout (Oosterhout nb, NL)


Oct 1th    8 PM   Bluesclub Vlaardingen (De Lijndraaier, Vlaardingen NL)


Oct 14th   8 PM   Luxor Live (Arnhem NL)


Nov 6th    7 PM   Burial ground Holy "shapes of memories" (Vlaardingen NL)


Nov 9th    9 PM   RayRadio (StadsRTV Breda NL) DJ Ray Meur


Nov 12th   8 PM   Swaf (Hoorn NL)


Nov 16th   4 AM   3FM Serious Radio "Turbulent" (Hilversum NL) DJ Bert van Lent


Nov 27th   4 AM   3FM Serious Radio "Freaknacht" (Hilversum NL) DJ Gerard Ekdom


Dec 1st    8 PM   Dijkland FM (Zaltbommel NL) DJ John van Es


Dec 3rd    3 PM   RTV Rijnmond "Live uit Lloyd" (Rotterdam NL) DJ Ronald van Oudheusden


Dec 12th   8 PM   ORTS Oosterhout "Blues Cruise" (Oosterhout-NB NL)DJ Gerard van Gageldonk


Dec 17th   8 PM   Compleet FM "Live at The Basement" (Noord-Scharwoude NL) DJ Rene Bremmers



Tour Data 2009


Dec 19th  8 PM Het Patronaat (Haarlem NL)


Jan 14th   8 PM Het Burgerweeshuis (Deventer NL)


Jan 24th   8 PM 013 (Tilburg NL)


Feb 16th  7 PM OBA Live! RADIO 5  (NL)


Mar 26th   8 PM Victorie (Alkmaar NL)


Mar 14th   4 AM 3FM Serious Radio "Freaknacht" (Hilversum NL) DJ Gerard Ekdom 


Mar 14th   8 PM Xinix  (Nieuwendijk NL)


Mar 20th   8 PM Het Burgerweerhuis (Deventer NL)


Mar 21th   8 PM Manifesto (Hoorn NL)


Mar 28th   1 PM ROC Eindhoven


Mar 28t    8 PM Ekko (Utrecht NL)


Apr 4th    4 AM 3FM Serious Radio "Freaknacht" (Hilversum NL) DJ Gerard Ekdom


Apr 4th    8 PM Brennels Buiten (Kraggenburg NL)


Apr 5th    4 PM Cafe Oud Brabant (Oosterhout nb NL)


Apr 9th    8 PM Luxor Live (Arnhem NL)


Apr 15th   1 PM RADIO RTV Rijnmond (DISHKING live at Branie voor twee)


Apr 25th   8 PM Brogum (Zierikzee NL)


May 3th  8 PM Plein 79 ('s Hertogenbosch NL)


May 12th   9 PM RayRadio (Breda NL)


May 14th  8 PM Mezz (Breda NL)


May 15th   8 PM Pakhuis Wilhelmina  (Amsterdam NL)


May 16th  3 PM CD store De Waterput (Bergen op Zoom NL)


May 21th   1 AM 3FM Serious Radio (Hilversum NL)


May 23rd  9 AM Witte Theater (IJmuiden NL)


May 26th  8 PM ZOOBRA Radio (Veghel NL)


Jun 10th  8 AM 3FM Serious Radio (Hilversum NL)


Jun 12th  4 PM Radio Compleet FM (Noord-Scharwoude NL)


Jun 13th  2 PM Radio Omroep Brabant (Eindhoven NL)


Jun 14th  8 PM Cultureel Centrum Deurne (Deurne NL)


Jun 20th  4 PM Tros Muziekcaf? Radio 2  (Amsterdam NL)


Aug 15th  0 AM 3FM Serious Radio (Hilversum)


Sep 11th  8 PM The Rambler (Eindhoven NL)


Sep 19th  8 PM De Kelder (Amersfoort NL)


Sep 24th  8 PM De Effenaar (Eindhoven NL)


Nov  2th  7 PM OBA Live! RADIO 5  (NL)


Nov  4th   4 PM RTV PARKSTAD (NL)


Nov 21th  8 PM Paradox (Tilburg NL)