"You're a good songwriter, specially the Brimstone song I liked a lot!" (Mike Garson,keyboards David Bowie/Smashing Pumpkins/NIN) 


"Holland's got his own Brad Roberts(singer Crash Test Dummies)!" (Simone Walraven, DJ/Presentator Radio 2, Nashville Tennessee) 


"Is it his voice, sounding unhesitated like Johnny Cash's but warm like a Jim Reeves? 

Or the influences of Cash, Elvis, Waits, TJ White and Bowie 

that shimmer through his  strong and captivating songs? It's a combination and based on this, one could only wish for a succesful career, 

that a hard working talented man deserves (review Platomania on 2009 debut album 'The Power of a Loaded Gun') 


"If he was born a Belgium guy, he'ld be a king here" (A Belgium music fanatic in Hollland)



 Mesmerizing Americana with a hint of Tarantino! Authentic, driven, rootsy, sexy and honest. 

These are characteristics that define Dishking. 


The year was 2008 when singer/songwriter/performer Jason de Laat decided to pull out the bung of past endeavours and decided 

to actually do dishes or any low key job in order to return and serve his own genuine world of music and art. 

An appropriate name for this move would be 'Dishking'. 

Though some say Dishking might well be the equivalent of a perfect blended dish, containing the major ingredients; 

Cash/Presley/TJ White & Bowie, drenched in Vintage Rock & Soul à la Brown.

Now, on a 10 years anniversary, a new formed band and a 4th album released recently named 'AVENTURA', 

Dishking is touring with his band and heading for a vinyl record in 2019. 

So who's up for soulful Americana can not miss out on Dishking!


*Dishking has been a supporting act for The Handsome Family (known for soundtrack True Detective), T99, 

Aynsley Lister amongst others. Songs of Dishking were being used in TV programms, short movies and 

been added to personal playlists of 

Johan Derksen (Music for Adults/RTV Rijnmond), Simone Walraven (Simone's Songlines/NPO Radio 2), 

Giel Beelen and Gerard Ekdom (3FM Serious Radio/Radio 2).