"You're a good songwriter, specially the Brimstone song I liked a lot!" (Mike Garson,keyboards David Bowie/Smashing Pumpkins/NIN) 


"Holland's got his own Brad Roberts(singer Crash Test Dummies)!" (Simone Walraven, DJ/Presentator Radio 2, Nashville Tennessee) 


"Is it his voice, sounding unhesitated like Johnny Cash's but warm like a Jim Reeves? 

Or the influences of Cash, Elvis, Waits, TJ White and Bowie 

shining through in his  strong and captivating songs? It's a combination and based on this, one should only wish for a succesful career, 

that a hard working talented man deserves (review Platomania on 2009 debut album 'The Power of a Loaded Gun') 


"If he was born a Belgium guy, he'ld be a king here" (A Belgium music fanatic in Hollland)




"An outcast, a rebel , dark, underground hero"


"Cinematic, tarantino soundscapes"


All of these quotes could well describe 'Dishking' 

Dutch singer/songwriter/guitarist and producer Jason de Laat is the main figure behind 'Dishking'


  ****************************                        Biography                      ******************************************


Founded in 2008, a many years have gone by since a young punkblues guy decided to pull out the bung of past endeavours and actually started to do dishes or whatever job in order to return, serve and dish, his own genuine world of art and music, a  most suitable name for this move would be 'DISHKING'


January 23 2009, signed by record company AG Music (Alkmaar), DISHKING released the debut album "The power of a loaded gun".  It seemed inspired by the sound, that was developed during the 50’s in the Sun Studios in Memphis. 


DISHKING’s 2nd album called "Sell yourself in Gold" has been released early 2010, an in-depth album about Dishking’s life & future endeavours. Of both albums 3 singles have been promoted on national radio namely "Work this Thang" "Fall on Me" and "Backdoor Loverman"


2014, a third album to finish the triptych, has been distributed online and worldwide April 12th 2014.

It's called '1O1' by far the most selfreflecting 'Dishking' album. From this album,

a single called 'Brimstone' had been released in December 2013. 


2017, ever since the release and re-release of the third album '1O1' , a many songs have been recorded for a long awaited full physical album. Several new songs are to be found online, as a single and video both on youtube & streaming platforms.


Devided in 2 parts, the fourth album  'AVENTURA' will be released this year, from which part 1 has been published in March 2018.


*Dishking is heading for a physical album on vinyl, early 2019.


..Meanwhile the music  of Dishking is an ongoing process  of experimenting/recording/performing which cannot be  paused since it's like blood flowing and needed like breathing air, if only for our sanity