April 2nd 2016,  'BE YOUR OWN WONDER'

The world seems to be a messy place lately, for whatever reason, we do what we do and act how we act,

I believe in taking  responsibility for my own actions since they derive from my own perceptions and thoughts.

In return, creating my own little wonder in the little time that's been given. With that in mind, to inspire you being such a wonder yourself, for this reason, this new song is called 'Do what U came Here for', enjoy listening/sharing! All the best to you

March 3rd 2016, Close to the weekend, I want you to have a good one and with that said, I've posted yet another new song named 'Together Alone', all the best to you!

February 14th 2016   It's been such a dreadful weather here in Holland, makes me long for a hot summer day to spend time with your loved ones, just to relax and forget about all the hustle that surrounds us, wouldn't u agree? For such day here's a song called 'At the Water'! Hope U'll like and/or share it, as always much love to you

February 7th 2016, yet another new song, this one is called 'Raindog', hope U'll like and/or share it! 

January 24th 2016,    My birthday present for you, a brand new song called 'Blind & Borrowed'

January 10th 2016,  One of my all time greatest heroes, mr David Bowie passed away, I remember a song I wrote inspired by his sound and style back in 2005, enjoy listening this song called 'ALIEN EYES'


...goodbye Starman

New song named 'HEART GONE COLD' 

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